domingo, 1 de noviembre de 2009

The night of the warlock

No voy a negar que estoy enamorado de una mujer de 45 años alemana, que canta como los dioses.

For over a hundred years I've been watching you
You've tried your best to run away, but I won't let you
I hear your heartbeat from miles away
And I know you're scarred, cause I smell your pain...

So play in this game, there's nothing to fear
Sinner or saint does not matter here
We ran from the devil fast as we can
Touching in magic, you know who I am, know who I am

I'm going strong and I'm going on
I'm leaving the rest and I'm moving fast
It's all getting wicked, now is the time
Don't fear no evil, tonight is the night, night is the night

The night of the Warlock
The night of the Warlock
Tonight hear the Warlock
The name of the Warlock

I see in this eyes, I see in his face
It's death in disguise, I'm more than amazed
He wants us forever, play in his game
Standing together, the spell will remain
Spell will remain, spell will remain

The night of the Warlock
The name of the Warlock
The call of the Warlock
The name of the Warlock...

1 comentario:

tita hellen dijo...

Es que de esta cualquiera se enamora, no te digo este!

Eso sí, está un poco delgada ahora, asi que en la primera cita, bocata de calamares!